Machining and machine base Long experience from prototypes to series production

Masor Works does CNC machining with over 30 years of experience. Because we maintain the equipment in use, we also understand their assembly and the way to manufacture machines and parts cost-effectively – from prototype to series production. In addition to our own products, we offer machining services in a wide range of expertise, with high quality and punctual delivery times. We do CNC machining for a large number of different materials – all with confident professionalism. Are you interested in automated production or CNC machining services? Ask and we will tell you what’s best to do.

Cost-effectiveness already in the start-up phase

The earlier and better designed, the better the end result. Since the start-up cost of a production run-up maybe high compared to the price of a single piece, it’s worth considering the production of the first prototype carefully. Planning reduces future costs. We help you at every phase.

If you’re not sure if the project is right for us, give us a call and let’s discuss. We make sure that our resources are sufficient for quality activities to which we can commit to a 100-percent. We know our own experts and therefore choose the right people for the right task. You can focus on your own core competence without worrying.

Materials according to your needs

• Cast iron
• Steel
• Lead
• Tungsten
• Aluminium
• Plastics
• Other necessary

Machine base

  • Daewoo Horizontal Machining Center
    X1200 Y1000 Z1000, 800 mm pallet, 90 tool positions, control Fanuc 18 iMB
  • Yang CNC-Lathe
    dia./length 550/166 450/1100, cutting dia. 720
  • Dah Lih CNC Vertical Machining Center
    X2100 Y850 Z760, the fourth shaft max. dia. 600, 32 tool positions, Fanuc control 0M
  • Daewoo Horizontal Machining Center
    X1200 Y1000 Z1000, 800 mm pallet, 10 pallet magazine, 120 tools magazine, Fanuc control 16M
  • Etalon Derby 3-D measuring machine
    X457 Y508 Z406
  • Trimos horizon of 1000
    for calibration of the dimensions
  • Elbo controls
    tool presetter
  • Behringer
    Automatic Saw

Machine cell 1

  • Daewoo Mynx 540 Vertical Machining Center
    X1020 Y510 Z625, 4-axis, 30 tool magazine, control Fanuc 21iMB
  • Puma 230 c CNC Lathe
    dia./length 350/550, cutting dia. 550, Fanuc control 21iTB
  • Fanuc Industrial Robot

Machine cell 2

  • Hyundai HS630 Horizontal Machining Center
    X1050 Y875 Z875, Fanuc
  • Daewoo Horizontal Machining Center
    X800 Y650 Z650, A360°, B360°, 5-axis, 120 tools magazine, Fanuc control 18 i MA
  • Fanuc Industrial Robot

Clear procedure – added value from start to finish

Phase 1

Involved in the design

We are honest about whether it’s possible to implement the planned object sensibly. When we are involved from the beginning, the work can be carried out realistically and cost-effectively.

Phase 2

Prototype phase and implementation

By taking into account material choices and production methods, as well as anticipating the need for future changes, the production start-up is faster. This way the first products can be manufactured on a fast schedule if necessary.

Phase 3

Zero-series production

Let’s look at the trial run together. We pay attention to necessary changes such as programming and tool selection. This serves the next product, saving you time and money.

Phase 4

Serial production

Our common goal is the most efficient and high-quality serial production as possible. We save the software and documents if more parts are needed – saving you money on start-up costs.

Do you need skilled machining?

We serve small companies as well as large groups with the same efficiency and flexibility. Let us know how we can help. Leave a contact request, send an e-mail or call a professional directly.

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Comprehensive services as needed

Machining and machine base

In addition to our own products, we offer a wide range of high-quality machining services with punctual delivery times. We operate cost-effectively, from prototype to serial production.

Installations and maintenance

We do installations and maintenance all over Finland. Whether you need a professional and service-minded couple of installers or a team that takes care of a maintenance outage, or a turnkey project, we have the solutions.

Rail network gear reversing device maintenance

Together with Siemens, we are the official service unit for the Finnish railway network’s gear reversing devices and their auxiliary devices. The process includes comprehensive equipment maintenance as well as fault and damage equipment analysis and repairs.

Electrical and automation installations

We know how the device works and what its mechanical properties are. When the same expert knows both the mechanics and the electrics, you get comprehensive service from one place. .