Gear reversing device maintenance and auxiliary systems Expert in mechanical and electrical equipment of the rail network

We are part of the service and maintenance of the Finnish rail network. At Masor Works, we service, repair and analyse all gear reversing devices installed on the Finnish rail network. We cooperate with Siemens, which supplies traffic technology and innovative solutions.

We maintain several hundred devices a year

For our part, our goal is to ensure that the rails transport people or goods safely to their destination without unnecessary delays – or extra costs.

Through us, several hundred devices are maintained and delivered back to the tracks every year. For this project, as well as others, we have implemented new operating procedures, systems and equipment so that we can serve the customer in just the right way. At Masor Works, everyone gives their best to ensure a quality end result.

Clear procedure – added value from start to finish

Phase 1

Receiving the device

When the device arrives at Masor Works, we will find out the current status of the device and any deviations, as well as what measures are needed.

Phase 2

Service and maintenance

We do service and maintenance the gear reversing equipment on the rail network. Maintenance includes ensuring the functionality of both electrical and mechanical parts for years to come.

Phase 3

Testing and quality assurance

We make sure the serviced device or system works as planned by testing and approving the equipment before sending it back to track. The equipment is tested with test equipment designed for them.

Phase 4

Reporting system

We create a separate report for each serviced and maintained device, which is distributed to the customer in connection with the fixed device. Maintenance reports for all devices can be traced in the maintenance system even years after.

Are you interested in maintenance services?

We serve small private companies as well as industry or public organizations with the same efficiency and flexibility. Let us know how we can help. Leave a contact request, send an e-mail or call a professional directly.

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Comprehensive services as needed

Machining and machine base

In addition to our own products, we offer a wide range of high-quality machining services with punctual delivery times. We operate cost-effectively, from prototype to serial production.

Installations and maintenance

We do installations and maintenance all over Finland. Whether you need a professional and service-minded couple of installers or a team that takes care of a maintenance outage, or a turnkey project, we have the solutions.

Rail network gear reversing device maintenance

Together with Siemens, we are the official service unit for the Finnish railway network’s gear reversing devices and their auxiliary devices. The process includes comprehensive equipment maintenance as well as fault and damage equipment analysis and repairs.

Electrical and automation installations

We know how the device works and what its mechanical properties are. When the same expert knows both the mechanics and the electrics, you get comprehensive service from one place. .